Anonymous asked: Is Ty segall any good? Btw is mac demarco popular in mtl?? Like do people line up early for his shows?


"is ty segall any good" they ask

ty segall is the fucking king shit of cali garage rock. if garage rock was a religion he’d be the unquestioned god. In fact I think we should found a church of Segallism. Like you HAVE to listen to Ty. Also Mac has a solid reputation in mtl as he settled there for two years but i know his gig at SAT wasnt sold out although packed.



White Fence

i’m going somewhere with no internet for three weeks ill be back on august 5th

Anonymous asked: what's with the ball pit thing? I hate not getting things but I must have missed something big



Okay anon, let me stop giggling for a little bit and explain to you what happened.

"DashCon 2014": Was supposed to be a large con of mostly Tumblr users with a 65$ entry fee. They were going to host it in a Hotel in Schaumburg, IL. It looked like a fairly legit con to most users and promised to have Steam Punk Giraffe and Welcome to Night Vale show up for entertainment and panels. Steam Punk Giraffe canceled it’s trip to Dashcon months ago but the Con never told the people who already invested money into it, especially the people who paid extra for reserved seating. Welcome to Night Vale didn’t show up because they didn’t get their payment for the trip and thus didn’t go. Dashcon “apparently” got a call from the hotel telling them that the room they reserved would cost $17,000 and didn’t receive their payment. Dashcon then rallied up it’s participants for a fundraiser in 2 days to raise that money.

Well…They did. Where that money is now, no one knows. People showed up to a very empty room with no vendors. Someone bought a ball pit and rented a bounce house for the con and the people who reserved seats for the panels got an extra hour in the ball pit.


for anyone confused about what’s going on

“I’ve never been a proper teenager. So I had my adolescent crisis a few years later with Blur.”

Ping the panda. Done by Christian Lanouette at Tatouage Royal in Montreal, Qc.

miko revereza


catcalls and other street harassment are a form of violence and expressed hatred for women and don’t ever think of it as anything but that because a man on the street can go from “hey baby you look sexy tonight” to “bitch don’t fucking ignore me” in .002 seconds
it’s not about appreciating a woman’s beauty or boosting her ego with a little compliment, it’s intimidation and a source of empowerment for them


At the center of the Crab Nebula, seen in the deep X-ray photo above, is an incredibly dense neutron star spinning at a rate of 30 times a second, known as a pulsar. Credit: NASA / CXC / SAO / F. D. Seward, W. H. Tucker, R. A. FesenFor more astronomy, check out